ALL STOCK SOLD OUT! Check back in a couple years :-(

All our cattle are born and raised in Oregon. Owned and managed by Oregon farmers. Processed and packaged by Oregon owned USDA facilities. Labels and boxing from an Oregon company. Distributed by OregonGrassFed. Sold in Oregon stores employing Oregon workers. We Sell our USDA beef frozen by the lb in pre-cut vacuum sealed bags.  We don't sell beef by the halves or wholes, but can put together a package to your specifications.


Nutrition Facts are in. Oregon Grass Fed Premium Burger has 1/2 the Cholesterol and 1/15 the Omega-6's of grain fed beef.

Pre-packaged coolers loaded with 20 lbs of our 100% grass fed burger for $150! Shipping and handling included.  OR, WA, CA, ID, UT

Grass Fed Beef is a perfect protein source for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those who want to eat clean.  High body sculpting CLA content.